Ghana-born artist Feix Appiaih-Korang, known as “Flexy”, is the rising singing sensation to come out of Canadian record label Hype Records.The Hi-Life, Hiplife and R&B artist is getting a lot of attention for his catchy songs, smooth vocals, and charismatic personality.At the tender age of 6 years old, while in the capital city of Ghana in Accra, Flexy began to showcase his singing abilities.
He continued to sing for anyone who would listen, and prove to master his talents upon his arrival in Canada in the year of 2000.Flexy was signed first with independent label entitled Odd Ruff. He was featured on a compilation CD entitled “The Legacy Continues”.He did a number of popular tracks including; “I Love You”, and “Yearning for You”.
In 2006, he recorded his first album independently entitled “Odehea (Royalty)”, which was produced solely in his native Twi language.Flexy has performed in many venues, with diverse audiences, in Canada and in Ghana.He has performed in fashion shows, concerts, festivals and more.He enjoys using a live band, and wouldn’t have it any other way. “You are not a real artist unless you have a live band to perform with”, Flexy explains.Being influence by artists such as Bob Marley, Prince, Marvin Gaye and Kojo Antwai, is probably a key indication as to why he believes in taking his music seriously.

Currently, Flexy is working on his new album with Hype Records.His first single release is from the album is entitled “Fyah”, which will be sure to be a club banger.Already release is his mixtape for 2010 entitled “Confessions of a Boss”, which features a track simply entitled “Boss”.Between performing on stage, and doing interviews, Flexy continues to strive and further his career until he reaches his goal of superstardom.




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