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African Fashion Week Toronto


African Fashion Week Toronto is one of the fastest growing Fashion Weeks in Canada.The program was established by the Fashion Ready Foundation in 2012 and has developed into an internationally-recognized event. AFWTcontinues to grow each season, creating a community of designers, models AFWTcontinues to grow each season, creating a community of designers, models and industry professionals who shape this unique experience. AFWT showcases local, national and international designers by providing a progressive environment for them to promote their creative designs.
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New Tradition Music

Born in Colombia – Ruben ‘Beny’ Esguerra is a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and arts educator.

As a musician, Ruben leads the 13 piece outfit New Tradition band created to accompany international artists with some of the most sought after musicians in Toronto, Canada. As a composer, he has written original scores for the CBC, City Life Film, Amnesty International and the National Film Board of Canada.
As a lyricist and spoken word artist he has presented his pieces in festivals held in Canada; Cuba; Venezuela; Colombia and Chile. Highlights include being commissioned by the Remix Project and the Department of Canadian Heritage to create and perform a spoken word piece welcoming Canadian Governor General Michaëlle Jean to deliver the opening speech introducing the ‘Ignite the Americas’ conference.

As an arts educator Ruben has worked at York University teaching and lecturing since the age of 22. Ruben currently facilitates workshops through the Ontario Arts Council’s Artist in Education Program bringing drumming and storytelling as a healthy form of self expression to inner city school as well as schools in rural areas across Ontario. He is currently the Program Coordinator and instructor for the Palisades Media Arts Academy based in Jane and Finch Toronto. Ruben is a PhD (ABD) candidate in Musicology/Ethnomusicology specializing in traditional and urban music.

Nati Haile

Nati Haile’s musical roots are in Ethiopia, singing in the church choir, where his passion for rhythm, melody, and songwriting began.At only 17 years old, Nati released a collection of music influenced by his upbringing in the church called Of Gospel Songs.
That experience led him to the making of his first commercial single, “Ken Saymesh” which gainedNati national attention in Ethiopia. His follow-up single, “Legenetuwa”was a unique remake of a popular song by Muluken Mellesse called “Sewentua” and was so successful, it solidified Nati Haile as a star in Ethiopia. In 2005, Nati released his debut album, Liet Yenegal, to an international audience and sold over 1 million copies across the world.

After a five-year hiatus, Nati’s study of world music helped him create and fuse together the sounds and rhythms of African beats, reggae,blues, and hip-hop grooves. He released his 2nd album, Beka, to his fans around the world.The title track was an instant hit, and the album was critically acclaimed in his home country of Ethiopia, and in North America. Today, Nati lives and tours out of Toronto Canada and his critics have compared his voice to classic Ethiopian singers, Muluken Mellesse, and Tewodros Tadesse.

With a busy touring schedule and worldwide concert dates, Nati has found time to begin work on his 3rd album as a writer, lyricist, and performer.The Toronto-based, world-renowned recording studio, Phase One International is where Nati has chosen to create this collection of new music. Nati has the honor of recording in the same space as superstars, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Celine Dion, and Beyonce. Nati Haile’s career is a reflection of both his proud Ethiopian upbringing and his current life in Toronto, Canada.

From a young boy singing in the church choir to a successful recording and touring artist, everything Nati does is for his fans and his heritage.