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Ghana-born artist Feix Appiaih-Korang, known as “Flexy”, is the rising singing sensation to come out of Canadian record label Hype Records.The Hi-Life, Hiplife and R&B artist is getting a lot of attention for his catchy songs, smooth vocals, and charismatic personality.At the tender age of 6 years old, while in the capital city of Ghana in Accra, Flexy began to showcase his singing abilities.
He continued to sing for anyone who would listen, and prove to master his talents upon his arrival in Canada in the year of 2000.Flexy was signed first with independent label entitled Odd Ruff. He was featured on a compilation CD entitled “The Legacy Continues”.He did a number of popular tracks including; “I Love You”, and “Yearning for You”.
In 2006, he recorded his first album independently entitled “Odehea (Royalty)”, which was produced solely in his native Twi language.Flexy has performed in many venues, with diverse audiences, in Canada and in Ghana.He has performed in fashion shows, concerts, festivals and more.He enjoys using a live band, and wouldn’t have it any other way. “You are not a real artist unless you have a live band to perform with”, Flexy explains.Being influence by artists such as Bob Marley, Prince, Marvin Gaye and Kojo Antwai, is probably a key indication as to why he believes in taking his music seriously.

Currently, Flexy is working on his new album with Hype Records.His first single release is from the album is entitled “Fyah”, which will be sure to be a club banger.Already release is his mixtape for 2010 entitled “Confessions of a Boss”, which features a track simply entitled “Boss”.Between performing on stage, and doing interviews, Flexy continues to strive and further his career until he reaches his goal of superstardom.




Java Panzo

Java is a dancer who was raised with African rhythms of Kizomba, kuduro and tribal dance.This influenced creativity and direction into this solid foundation. He was eager to apply his skills to other forms of dance.
In 1998, Java came to Toronto looking for a new channel for his compelling love for life and movement.His skills as a dancer have taken him to performances around the world, including China, Africa and the U.S.

Currently, he is an instructor, choreographer, and creative director with (RED)MAMBO & J&Y Talent .Dancing with the discipline of a professional athlete and the fluid sensuousness of his native rhythm, Java also has an acute understanding of dance as creative expression and communication with the music.

When teaching dance instruction, Java aims to have each student discover his or her own relationship with the music, applying and reapplying his fundamental rule in dance: “Listen to the music.”

Ruff N Smooth

Afro Pop duo, Ruff-N-Smooth, is a Ghanaian music group which was formed in 2007 but released their first major single in 2008.
Ever since they have been on the rise with 6 International awards to their credit and counting.
The group is made up of two individuals, Clement Foh Baah and Ricky Nana Agyeman, popularly known in the showbiz as Ahkan(Smooth) and Bullet(Ruff).
Their debut album as a group, “Life is rough and smooth”, in 2009 has the ever popular song, ‘Swagger’ which turned out to be a rebirth of these young musicians.
They have even become more popular after releasing continuous hits after hits with singles such as ‘Azingele’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Naija Baby’, ‘Liberian girl, ‘Break Waist’, ‘Afrobeat’, Monalisa, ‘Send your Fire’, and many more bangers.

The group has performed across the globe with tours in South Africa (Big Brother Africa 2010), UK (London), France, Norway, USA, Canada, Germany, etc.
Ruff n Smooth have featured with many sensational international stars such as Diamond Platinumz,J.D. Era, Shatta Wale, Stay J, Wizboy, etc.
They are a force to look out for on the global stage bringing Afrobeats to the world.

Ruff N Smooth on You Tube
Ruff N Smooth on Facebook

Madagascar Slim

Madagascar Slim ( 3 TIMES JUNO AWARD WINNER )
History. Born in 1956 as Randriamananjara Radofa Besata Jean Longin aka Madagascar Slim came to Canada in 1979. Early on I explored a path of Chicago blues with Steven C and the Red Rockets in Toronto.
Canadian appearances of Tao Ravao and Tarika playing Malagasy blues and roots music inspired a pursuit of contemporary interpretation of tradition previously uncharted.
Through a Canada Council study grant I was able to return home and learn valiha (bamboo zither) playing technique of the Malgache from Sylvestre Randafison in 1995. This was followed by public appearances attempting to fuse Malagasy tradition with blues, and transposing plucking styles to the acoustic and electric guitar.
Perfecting the balance of African tradition, specifically Malagasy, with electric Chicago blues has led to many collaborations with musicians including Bill Bourne and Lester Quitzau in Tri-Continental, Donne Roberts in “Slim et Donne” and with Ndidi Onukwulu doing her original repertoire of gospel roots blues.
As a practitioner of African guitar in Canada I was invited to join Alpha Yaya Diallo, Mighty Popo, Pa Joe, Adam Solomon and Donne Robert on the recording African Guitar Summit. This project developed into a concert band and a second recording session, African Guitar Summit II.
My most recent body of work has further developed the interplay of the Malagasy Salegy style (very fast 6/8 rhythm with an accent on the second beat) with blues. The five-year path of recording songs that are purely acoustic and traditional, mixed with electric blues and original lyrics has led to the release of “Good Life, Good Living”. The CD was recorded at my home studio involving some outside expertise and players, but mostly done on my own.

Events and Accomplishments:

First Malagasy traditional guitar public appearance at the Bamboo Club (Toronto) on a program featuring Downchild Blues Band and The Afro Nubians. March 1995.

First African blues band concert supporting Ali Farka Toure, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, August 1995.

World Blues Concert with Irshad Khan and Murray Porter, Harbourfront Centre, September 1996.

Secured booking agency with Hugo Rampen of Amok Music, 1997.

Recorded and release first CD, OmniSource, 1998.

World Music Juno Award for OmniSource 1999.

Record and release collaborative CD “Tri-Continental” for German label Tradition & Moderne with Bill Bourne and Lester Quitzau in 2000.

Roots and Traditional Juno Award for CD Tri-Continental, Tradition & Moderne, 2000.

Record and release “Tri-Continental Live” CD Tradition & Moderne, 2002.

Record and release “Let’s Play” CD Tradition & Modern, 2003.

Record and release “Drifting” CD Tradition & Moderne, 2004.

Provide back up band for Ndidi Onukwulu at her debut appearance Global Café Festival, Distillery District, Toronto, July 2004.

Toronto Blues Society Showcase at the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, Guelph, with Donne Robert, Ndidi Onukwulu, October 2004.

Record and release “African Guitar Summit” CD for CBC Records with producer Todd Fraracci, November 2004.

Blues Summit Conference Showcase with Donne Robert and Ndidi Onukwulu, Delta Chelsea Hotel, Toronto, January 2005.

World Music Juno Award for participation on “African Guitar Summit” (CBC Records, 2005)

Toronto Blues Society Canadian Music Week Showcase: The Perpetrators, Ndidi Onukwulu, Wickens-Knight, Healey’s, March 2006.

Record and release “African Guitar Summit II” CD for CBC Records with producer Todd Fraracci, September 2006.

Ontario Council of Folk Festivals “Official Showcase”, w/ Donne Robert and Ndidi Onukwulu, Kingston, October 2006.

Open for Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues Band on his European tour.

Chosen to play with Angelique Kidjo on her appearance for Grandmother Against Aid in Africa in Toronto.