Black Parents

“Black Parents” music band was not so successful at the beginning.

They started performing in concerts and local night clubs in Montreal, Canada to make their presence remembering by popularizing the latest trend in Haitian music “Raggakonpa”.

The hard work of the musical group Black Parents did not went in vain, rewarded them very soon when success started coming on their ways from Miami, New York and Haiti. In 2001, they released 5 albums along with a new successful soundtrack “Sonia”.

Like Black Parents, Haitian music has drawn a wide range of influences from the people of many cultures who have settled in this Caribbean island of Hispaniola. “Kompa” or “Konpa” is one unique form of Haitian music, a complex one that fuses African rhythms and European ballroom dance–with consistent, pulsing drum beat that makes dancing easier.”Kompa” was there in the Haitian music since its emergence but developed into a modern pop style by Nemours Jean-Baptiste in 1955.

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