Mi Casa – South Africa


Mi Casa Music is coming off an unprecedented 2016 in which they toured multiple countries in Africa including Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola, and Uganda. They also collaborated with a number of great African artist including Yemi Alade (Nigeria) and Eddy kenzo (Uganda). The group is working towards making music the single most important instrument in bringing continents together. They are currently working on a Legacy tour in 2017.


3 thoughts on “Mi Casa – South Africa”

  1. Caught the tail end of a song of “mi casa” on CBC radio 99.1 this afternoon around 3:15 pm — it was really wonderful and I’d love to get it — it sounded like the title was “vasay” but I haven’t been able to find it —- can anyone help please? It was a great song!!

      1. Thanks! I will definitely try to get out this weekend —- coming down from north of Toronto Any idea of when /where mi casa playing? Is there a festival concert schedule? Sorry I couldn’t find it. Would love to come down for at least part of festival. Cheers and good luck with the festival!

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