Main Stage

Ammoye – Jamaica


Rooted in the Reggae music of her native Jamaica, Ammoye effortlessly glides from Reggae and Dancehall to Gospel, Soul and R&B with breathtaking ease and presence. Her career has garnered several top awards including three Juno nominations (2013, 2014, 2017) and mutli Best Female Vocalist and Reggae Artist accolades; most recently with the 2015 Reggae Exclusive Recognition Awards. The 2017 Juno nomination for the hit ‘Sorry’ came on the heels of Ammoye’s officially released debut Mixtape “Enter The Warrioress” showcasing an eclectic mix of new and unreleased tracks.



Christy Lova

Christy Lova is a Belgian singer of Congolese origin. She started her career in church in a choir and later with her father at the age of 11. She became known in 2014 with her song “Bina na ngai na respect,” a resume to pay tribute to her father, Ntesa Dalienst, who died in September 1996. She is currently the protégé of the dynamic Fally Ipupa


Born Felix Appiah Korang a.k.a “Slimflex” is one of Toronto’s most promising uprising urban artists. Hailing from Ghana, the award-winning singer and songwriter represents Canada’s African community. With his versatile style, Slimflex’s music perfectly blends the sounds of popular African music with Pop, Hip Hop, Dancehall and R&B. 

Jean Assamoa – Ivory Coast


Jean is a professional dancer, comedian, musician, actor, fashion promoter, model trainer, instructor, public speaker, and choreographer and founder of Akwaba Fashion Elegance & Akwaba Cultural Exchange. Jean has over 20 years of history in performing arts and music and can certainly excite the crowd. Akwaba commonly means “welcome” to the Akan people in Ivory Coast and Ghana.   

Riches Meseko – Nigeria

Riches Maseko started as a man on a mission to revive, retouch and retain the cultural values of his ancestors, and along the way has built a vast repertoire of exotic folk melodies. Accompanied with his favourite instrument, the panflute, MESEKO evokes poignancy and nostalgia in his music. Some have spoken of the soft ripples in the brook, others tell of sweet chirps of birds and the wind caress of rustling forest leaves, yet there’s still no denying the pervading atmospheric sound of the sweeping plains and alluring hills of his native Bunuland in West Africa. It’s a place of grace, a unique experience of the beauty in simplicity.